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Windows vista news gadget not updating

For a long time, I used the calendar application included with Vista (which you can see in Figure A, third from the top).

The calendar is probably the gadget I use most often because I work with many deadlines and I like having the whole month right there in front of me so I can quickly see, for instance, what day of the week the 19th is when someone asks me whether I can meet that day.

Figure K shows the configuration dialog I just use mine to display computer uptime and storage information.

You can choose from three modes: normal (where all info is displayed on the desktop), compact (where only headers are displayed on the desktop or sidebar and details are shown in flyout windows), and compressed (where only a single icon is displayed on the desktop or sidebar and all info is displayed in a flyout window when you click it). Figure M shows the gadget in normal mode on the desktop.

Ed Bott recently shared his favorite gadgets with us in his blog, but while I agree with Ed that most (not all) of the gadgets Microsoft included in Vista are not very exciting, my favorites (except for one) are different from his.I do that all the time when editing complicated documents, but with the Vista Clipboard, the previous data is deleted when you put something new on the Clipboard.This handy clipboard extender, called Clip Collector, comes to the rescue. It's small and doesn't take up a lot of space on your desktop or sidebar.Choices include Arabic, Chinese (simplified or traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish to English, or English to any of those languages.Click the Translate link at the bottom, and the translation appears in the bottom pane, as shown in Figure H.

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