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Updating voter registration

You may change your registration at any time with one exception.You may not change your political affiliation during the period from April 1 through August 31, inclusive, in any even-numbered year.You must fill out a voter registration application form.Voter registration applications are available at your County Election Board, post offices, tag agencies, libraries and many other public locations.You will be offered a voter registration application when you get your driver's license and when you apply for assistance at some government agencies.You also may If you need to change your name, your address or your political affiliation, you must fill out another voter registration application form.

You may mail your voter registration application to the State Election Board.If you are receiving election material for someone who is not living at your address let us know.Notify Us About Deceased Voters In the unfortunate instance of the death of an individual you may notify our office so that we can remove the voter from the voter list.Your notification will assist us in maintaining an up-to-date voter list at all times.2017 Spring Municipal Elections will be held in Aspen, Colorado Springs, Durango, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction. You can also call their election protection hotline to find answers to your questions or report problems.

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