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“The Graveyard Book“The Pitch: Riffing on Rudyard Kipling‘s “The Jungle Book,” this involves Bod Owens, a young boy raised by ghosts after the murder of his family by the mysterious Jack.The Pros: Neil Gaiman is one of the biggest names in fantasy, and film adaptations of his work — “Stardust” and “Coraline” — have been moderately successful.Which have a real chance at becoming massive franchises, and which are already faltering in development hell?Most if not all have been proven successes on the bookshelves, but as everything from “Eragon” to “I Am Number Four” have proven, that won’t necessarily translate to multiplex dollars.

Furthermore, Jordan’s adaptation is yet to get off the ground and the property might need a real studio on board.Could this be the thinking teen’s franchise of choice?The Cons: For one, the logline is hilariously vague, and backers Alcon Entertainment had better find a solid way to sell this to people if they want anyone to turn up. I Love You” being the most recent) isn’t exactly something to give us a ton of confidence, either.The Pros: One of the most talked-about young adult novels of the last few years, the book, by Lauren Oliver, has an irresistible high concept that could win over young girls, combined with a dystopian setting that could capitalize on “Hunger Games” mania, and enough suspense to win over those afraid of a soppy romance.Plus, it’s the first of a trilogy, with “Pandemonium” following last month, and “Requiem” in February 2013.

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The Pros: Like “Hunger Games” helmer Gary Ross, Richard La Gravanese comes as a man with significant acclaim behind him: he’s the Oscar-nominated writer of “The Fisher King” and has “The Ref,” “The Horse Whisperer” and “The Bridges Of Madison County,” among others, to his name.

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