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Dozens of feminist protestors have staged a demonstration at the red carpet reception for the movie Suffragette, which held its premiere at Leicester Square in London on Wednesday afternoon.

Activists from the feminist group Sisters Uncut,...

When I showed them the trailer from the movie when I got back home in London and put it on, they were just silent for about a minute, and that's never happened. WM: I hear that you are at a university majoring in English. I left to make a film called "I capture the castle" about two years ago and I haven't gone back. WM: What was the toughest spot to shoot with this film? Every time I make a film, I think about living this character. She's a bright woman and apart from some knitting tips, which I got from her, she was interesting to be around with. There's a biography of Cuba by Hugh Thomas which I read that gives you an exhausted history of the country, but it was really interesting.

RG: There was a dance sequence in the club, which took three days to shoot. The last film I did was with two guys in a wheel chair and I desperately wanted to go out with a disabled person. (She laughs.) Your life is your life and your job is your job. WM: Have you ever felt you like a fish out of water or an outsider? I was a big gangly British girl stuck in the middle of this party with incredible beautiful people. There's been some mistake" WM: Did you get any advice from Sela Ward? I did what I could to research the photographic aspects of Cuba and its time period.

(She laughs.) And I thought it was a fun script and I wanted to work with Diego.

Hoping to accomplish the same feat in todays world is a new version of that film, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.WM: How did connect with this role and why did you accept it?RG: I took it because I thought it would be a laughs.WM: So what was like to meet and dance with Patrick Swayze, who has a cameo in this film? It was like a strange dream, where you wake up and say, "Guess what, I was in Dirty Dancing.I was Baby." And people look at you oddly, but that's exactly what it was like. There are a couple of places in San Juan, Puerto Rico that ended up seeing a lot of me.

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