Is avan jogia dating miley cyrus 2016

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Is avan jogia dating miley cyrus 2016

They've been seen out and about together on multiple occasions (sometimes even holding hands), and they're making regular appearances on each other's Instagrams these days.Liam stopped by and ended up spilling a little about Miley!Work is also keeping Liam from going out and about. After spending years apart, they might need time to reconnect.

However, a source close to them revealed about their nonexistence relationship telling that; Though the public and media got so aware about the break up between this most loved couple, Avan, however, preferred to stay quiet about his split with the actress Zoey Deutch.When Kelly asked the actor about the picture he posted on Instagram in tribute to Mahammad Ali earlier this month, Liam talked about the moment he met the famed boxer.He happened to be with Miley at that time and let's just say, the way Miley's name slips out of his mouth so casually will make the fact that they are back together feel even more real.But both of them adamantly denied being anything more than friends. Unfortunately, after five long years of dating, they are not together anymore.The reason behind their separation is yet to be revealed.

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The pair will next be seen on the big screen together in the indie film The Year Of Spectacular Men directed by Zoey‘s sister Madelyn Deutch.

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