Dreamweaver 8 template not updating pages dating swansea emily 21

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Websites are most effective if they are kept up-to-date.While this may seem almost too obvious to state, the harsh reality is that most sites aren’t updated nearly as often as they should be.But it is not the best way to create content for the web.On an unstructured page, it is up to the person entering content to provide all the markup.The content lives on the page, and there’s no easy way to use it anywhere else.Since this approach is the most natural for people accustomed to creating content for print, it is very commonly used.If your web designer suggests building a static site, run the other way!

We’ve built hundreds of content-rich websites, and is routinely updated by non-technical people.Unless a website needs to change very infrequently, it is essential that managers and staff be able to update the website without having to go through a web designer or technical staffer.This is what a content management system (-based sites are sufficiently confusing to update that the content owners don’t want to touch it, and the web designer or webmaster still has to be involved in every update.From the Menu Bar, 1, select File, New, Page from Template, then the layout you wish.Keep “Update page when template changes” checked, and select the Create button.

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The unstructured approach makes consistency and polish hard to achieve and even harder to maintain.