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(KUTV) UPDATE I: Body ID’d as pregnant Ohio woman’s It would also seem that the home of Myisha Ferrell, a classmate of suspect Bobby Cutts was searched by police.(see Update V) UPDATE II: Search Ends For Jessie Davis: Volunteers React UPDATE III: Second person arrested, Myisha Ferrell, in Jessie Davis case Investigators have arrested a high school friend of Bobby Cutts Jr. Stark County deputies and FBI agents today arrested 29-year-old Myisha Ferrell, said FBI spokesman Scott Wilson.“Based on our examination of the remains, as well as consideration of supplemental laboratory testing and investigative findings, her cause of death will be listed as unspecified homicidal violence,” Kohler said.Investigators previously stated that the advanced decomposition of the body would make determining a cause difficult.(Fox News)A body found at the end of a days-long search for a nearly nine months pregnant woman is indeed hers, a medical examiner confirmed Sunday as investigators pieced together the case against a police officer accused of killing her.(Fox News) The cause of death has yet to be determined as further tests will need to be conducted by the medical examiners office.

(FOX News) As police search for missing 9 month pregnant Jessie Davis, they discovered another rather troubling set of circumstances.

(KGBT 4)Texas Equu Search director Tim Miller says every single rock will be turned over in the search zone.

Cadaver dogs have been being sent in, along with the humans.

A DNA sample was taken from the infant Tuesday and was given to authorities investigating the disappearance.

Police in Wooster confirm that a newborn baby girl was found Monday night abandoned on the doorstep of a home.

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The body of 26 year old, 9 month pregnant Jessie Davis was found in June 24, 2007 along with her full term fetus.