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We’ll offer powerful keynote presentations, along with learning tracks and breakout sessions, all focused on the topics impacting your business today.

Hear the latest insight and trends in creative sourcing, employment branding, recruitment marketing, collaborative hiring, career websites, recruiting metrics, onboarding, and much more.

Here’s a draft email you can send to your boss to help make the case.What is not taken into account in these numbers if the additional costs in both time and money for everyone in the hiring journey that has to interview, evaluate and take part in the hiring decision. Using recruiting video chat solutions not only benefits the actual recruiter or HR personnel, it benefits everyone that touches the job candidate in the process.By allowing the job candidates to do a video interview while they are on their lunch break or sitting in their car at their current job brings you a higher caliber of candidate who cannot afford to take off work for multiple interviews.Allows you to have virtual video job fairs when the recruiters and hiring managers are not in the same location as the prospective candidates.Reduce the time and effort for on-site job fairs and increase candidate reach by making it more accessible.

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Getting the candidate interested in the company to get the time off for physical interviews is just as much selling as it is qualification.